contemporary “selfies”

selfie03b46 sky fight06a46


3 responses to “contemporary “selfies”

  1. these are some compositions done as reflections on the modern phenomenon of the photographic “selfie”, or self-portrait as taken using a cellphone with a camera built in to it. This “selfie” culture seems to indicate at least some facets of hyper-sexual culture, values, “norms”. It seems less that we boys and girls are inheriting these values, in “Selfies”, its more that we are choosing them, taking them, claiming them.

  2. Hi Will,
    Were you showing in a gallery in Charleston back in 2003? I was going over an old calendar and have ART OPENING – Will McDougal at 556 King Street. I went there with a friend (Rebecca Smythe) and met a few more (the late Henry Hudson), including you. I remember your works being so vibrant. It was a wonderful evening. I was so happy for you.

    I hope this finds you well. I look forward to viewing your works here.


    Jeannie Bluemel

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